Why 'Arch'?  

 It stands for my enthusiasm for working in the field of archaeology and architecture.

What does ‘Service’ stand for?

It means that I would like to use my experience and knowledge of photogrammetry and remote sensing to help people
who are interested in material culture.


I use structured-light 3D scanner and close-range photogrammetry. Thanks to that I can replicate small objects (artifacts, architectural detail, small monuments, reliefs and inscriptions) with ultra high accuracy reaching up to 0,05 mm.
In case of photogrammetric services there are two solutions. First one - you obtain materials to be processed (according to instructions sent by me) and I take care of their processing. Second one - I take care of everything from the beginning (also taking photos) to the end.

3D scanning

3D scanning of small artifacts with even 0,05 mm accuracy;
better accuracy, wors texture

small size objects photogrammetry

collect photos and 3D photogrammetry processing;
wors accuracy, better texture

middle size objects photogrammetry

collect or provide photos (collected beforehand according to my instructions) and 3D photogrammetry processing with ultra realistic texture

large size objects photogrammetry

collect ground and aerial photos and 3D photogrammetry processing with ultra realistic texture



Great War memorials

An initiative to inventory and document in 3D as many memorials to the victims of the Great War (World War I) as possible on an interactive map.


I treat each work individually. Owing to the fact that there are too many changeable factors which influence a service price, I cannot create a general price list. However, I can assure you that everything is affordable to anybody. Prices starts from a few dozen euros.


I am a history and an archaeology graduate of Szczecin University. I also completed GIS studies at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. I have been involved in photogrammetry and remote sensing in archaeology for 15 years and for 10 years I have been working and developing my skills in a geodesic company.

I do this work after hours not to lose touch with the past :)